Premier salutes press community

Monday 5th Jun 2017

Manama, May 6 (BNA): His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has the achievements of the Bahrain Press, and praised its role in expressing the visions of society and in boosting the comprehensive development march witnessed by the Kingdom in various fields.
The Bahraini Press has proved, under all circumstances, its interaction with the issues of the nation and the citizens, and has been, and still is, a crucial element in backing the national efforts to preserve the security and stability of the homeland through sincere “word” and enlightened opinion, he said.

“The world is full of economic and political dangers and, therefore, the press and media play a crucial role on promoting awareness on these risks, and we are fully confident that Bahraini journalists are capable of to fostering patriotic feelings towards such challenges and ways to face them,” HRH Premier added.

In a statement marking the Bahraini Press Day, celebrated on Sunday, May 7, HRH the Prime Minister praised the dedication of the Bahraini Press, and its vital and renewed role in reflecting the pulse of the society and highlighting the civilisational image of Bahrain.

“The national Press has put forward a unique model in consolidating freedom of opinion and expression, and succeeded in gaining the confidence of everyone through its wide-ranging contributions to strengthening the pillars of the nation’s renaissance and progress,” the Prime Minister said.

HRH Premier affirmed that the values embedded in the keynote statement of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on the World Press Freedom Day reflects the extent of the royal interest in providing all conditions that ensure an atmosphere of freedoms that allows the Press and mass media to assume their mission of supporting the nation’s progress and prosperity.

“Our national Press is based on an important part of the kingdom’s cultural and civilisational heritage, and represents the conscience of the nation, and we are always proud of that,” he added.

The Prime Minister asserted that the historical stances voiced by columnists and journalists will remain engraved in the national memory as they document their pioneering role in defending the nation and its causes, and rectifying the claims of those seeking to cause harm to it.

Addressing the press community in Bahrain, HRH the Prime Minister said, “Celebrating the Bahrain Press Day is an opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude to you for the role you are playing in serving your nation and society. It is a day on which we re-affirm the distinguished status you enjoy in our society.”

HRH the Premier asserted that the Press and Media are effective partners in the development process, stressing that facing the current economic challenges require an effective and influential media approach that spreads hope, supports sustainable development efforts through enlightening the public opinion on its goals and motivates the competencies to attain more development achievements that benefit the nation and the citizens.

“We are living in an age whose media features have changed because of the tremendous development in information technology and the diversity of the mass media at an unprecedented pace, and the capabilities are no longer as limited as they used to be in the past, and the influence of the new media on various social segments has increased,” he added.

HRH Premier called the Press and mass media to preserve human values aimed to achieve the Good, love, peace, security and stability across the world.

The Prime Minister lauded the efforts exerted by the Bahrain Journalists Association (BJA) to upgrade the conditions of their profession and its affiliates.

HRH Premier also praised the role played by the Gulf Press Union, being an umbrella for GCC press, as well as that of the Correspondents Club, for projecting to the world the image of Bahrain as a country that guarantees freedoms for all.


BNA 1527 GMT 2017/05/06

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